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Being a bride should be one of the happiest times in your life. After all, you're marrying the one you love. And the one who loves you. But, the planning process can be overwhelming and stressful. Let Happier Bride help you focus on happiness and it will impact your wedding in a beautiful, meaningful way.

Happier Bride is broken down into monthly tasks from invitations to wedding dress to music choices — you name it, it's covered. And, the added "principles of happiness" make all the difference. These healthy doses of happiness lessen stress and increase your overall sense of well-being.

• Start Together: Important questions to ask yourself and your husband-to-be to create the wedding of your dreams.
• Get Organized: How to implement systems and spreadsheets to make it easy on yourself.
• Pick the Right People: Learn how to negotiate with wedding vendors and surround yourself with a supportive team.
• In the Details: Weigh your options within your budget. Hundreds of ideas to save you thousands of dollars.

More sections, like 'Tackle the Big Stuff', 'Pause for Happy' and 'See You at the Altar'. Plus, a special section for personalizing your ceremony, honeymoon and rehearsal dinner.

The moments of your wedding day are among the most important of your life. Have a plan that includes happiness.

If you are the owner of a wedding blog, magazine or any other wedding-related media and would like to host a book giveaway, author interview or book review, please contact Minna directly at minnaks at gmail dot com.

Shipping Charges
The print edition of Happier Bride is shipped via first-class mail and is $2.50 in the United States and $4.50 to Canada. Wedding Invitations are a flat fee of $5 shipping.

Envelopes are not included in the wedding invitation orders.

You will be prompted to for details, such as wedding color(s), names, parents' names, wedding date and location after you make your purchase. After you've filled out our Invitation Customization form, we'll put together a proof for you to review via email. Don't worry, you'll make final changes and review another final proof before it gets sent to print.

The Happier Bride book is also available at Amazon here. They offer a great price, so feel free to purchase your copy on Amazon. This 'Happier Bride' website is best for purchasing autographed copies. They also arrive wrapped in baker's twine, so they make a pretty gift.